Spring Design Trends

Spring is here; bursting with sunshine and flowers. Why not take some of that freshness into your home? Adding some spring decorations helps freshen up your space so that it will feel brand new. Fresh flowers, floral designs, and pastel colors are a great way to liven up your space for spring. You don’t have to change your space up too much, rather just adding some of these elements into your home will help. 

Here are 13 spring design ideas for your home. 

  1. Opt for floral patterns. Floral patterns are a sure way to add a touch of spring to your house. Whether you choose a floral comforter or pillows, you have many options to choose from. 
  2. Add pastel colors. Pastel colors like light yellow and orange help to brighten up the room without being too overpowering. The goal is to add lightness and not overwhelm your senses. 
  3. Hang up a spring wreath. You may think wreaths are only for winter, but you’re wrong! There are many spring wreaths like cherry blossom wreaths. You can even turn it into a DIY day at home to make your own.
  4. Use natural textures. Pairing plants with natural textures like wood helps to showcase that springtime feel. It’s reminiscent of the forest. 
  5. Get spring flowers. Bust out your vases and buy some spring flowers to put around your home. It will look and smell amazing.
  6. Showcase indoor and outdoor plants. Spring is the time for plants to be in bloom. So now is a great time to showcase them.
  7. Get a floral centerpiece. A floral centerpiece on your kitchen or living room table adds a sophisticated spring aspect to your home. 
  8. Choose pink! Choosing a light pink shade like blush will help brighten up your space without being too overwhelming. 
  9. Create a spring gallery wall. You can showcase different flowers or plants on your gallery wall. Be sure to add pastel colors to give it that springtime feel. 
  10. Install floral wallpaper. If you want your house to feel like springtime, why not get floral wallpaper? 
  11. Create a colorful entryway. Using pops of colors can help bring your entryway to life. 
  12. Go neutral when it comes to your dining area. There’s no need to use bright colors in your dining area. A neutral dining area helps to balance out the rest of the house. 
  13. Use curvy furniture. You heard that right, this spring curvy furniture is in. They make your space light and playful without being too in your face. 

These tips will help your house feel fresh and alive like springtime. Remember to take time to plan out your interior design changes. It’s helpful to have a plan before you change everything. You also don’t need to use all of these tips at once. Incorporating just a few will add that springtime element into your home. The goal is to make your home look well put together.