How are your Carpets?

Have your floors seen better days? How do you know when to replace your carpets? Even the most high end or greatest reviewed carpets will eventually need to be replaced. You’ll want to start thinking about carpet replacement once you notice stains, matting, or even a bad smell that won’t go away. Some of the top reasons to replace your carpet can be found right here.

You dislike the Color or Pattern. You can find a variety of carpet colors for you to complement your home’s interior design. If you aren’t in love with the color carpet installed by the previous homeowners, now’s your chance to install new carpet. Over time, certain colors drop out of style and can make your home look dated. The great thing about carpet is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. Unlike hardwood flooring, you’re not limited to those colors that appear in nature.

It's getting old. You can expect the carpets in your home to last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. The life of your carpet depends on its quality, padding, and volume of traffic in the room. For example, entryway and hallway carpets are less likely to last as long as bedrooms. Less foot traffic, longer life of your carpets. 

Using Furniture to Hide Stains. Are you too guilty of hiding stains or tears under your furniture? When your flooring has multiple stains or tears it's time to consider replacing. Do your best to treat stains as fast as possible to increase the life of your carpet flooring. 

Smells, Mold, and/or Mildew. Bad odor could be a sign of mold or pet stains that have seeped beneath carpet. Mold loves to grow and spread in moist dark places, like basements. If deep cleaning carpet doesn’t get rid of the smell, it's time to consider replacement. 

If any of these apply to you, it sounds like time to show your floors some love. Give them a facelift and bring your home to new life.