Feng shui and your floors

Feng shui and your floors

The concept of Feng Shui is very simple: create a positive energy in your home to attract positivity and light. It’s a simple concept; not so simple to translate into a home, especially an established home. But, the truth is, when you invite this ideal into your planning, you’ll find a room or home really does flow better when used in modern ways.

The key elements of Feng Shui are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. It’s not that difficult to bring these elements into the design of your home, but how can you translate this into your flooring? If you’ve thought about upgrading your floors, keep these tips in mind to both Feng Shui your home, and your life.

According to Feng Shui a home or room that is well balanced as hat least one of each of the five elements within it. Combining elements appropriately creates a ‘Nourishing Cycle”. For example, water sustains wood; wood feeds fire; fire makes earth; earth creates metal; and metal holds water (source: www.warmlyyours.com).

To put this Nourishing Cycle into motion, use wood floors in a room with a fire place. Or, add base board heating to new wood flooring; be mindful however of how you have these floors installed. In Feng Shui, it’s all about balance, and if you have your floors installed lengthwise the energy from the front door will go straight out, especially if the front door is parallel with a back window. The energy will go straight out. But, if you have the planks installed width-wise, or at an angle, the energy that enters the room, spreads out across the house.

Choose the color of your floor with intention as well. Color and shape is an expression of the five Feng Shui elements so be sure to choose a quality that works well for you and your family. For example, bamboo is a sustainable wood; cork is sustainable as well. These are great choices for a Feng Shui home.  Adding carpet to a bathroom or kitchen sucks out positive energy, however, we wouldn’t recommend carpeting in either room. Installing cold tiles in your bedroom goes against Chi as well. Again, we don’t recommend this as well (who wants to walk on cold tiles first thing in the morning?) Keep these aspects in mind when choosing your flooring, and when discussing design and placement.

Learn more about Feng Shui and whether or not these elements would work for you, your home, your family, and your lifestyle. Perhaps you don’t want to commit your whole home to the concept, but want to bring the Chi into a particular room; discuss this with our designers, and we will help you bring order and balance into your space, while creating the perfect layout with the flooring of your dreams!