Best wall paint colors for various hardwood floor stains

Best wall paint colors for various hardwood floor stains

One of the toughest decisions to make in remodeling a room is what color to paint the wall. There are thousands upon thousands of different colors and undertones. Finding the right color can seem almost impossible when you’re searching through that many options!

Therefore we recommend building your room from the ground up. Start with your floor, then your windows, and then your wall. For floors, hardwood is a solid choice, and that decision is a bit easier to make. Once you have your floor, then it’s easier to decide what color to paint your walls. And to make it even easier on you, we already have a few suggests.

Light hardwood

For a light hardwood floor, it’s important to see the undertone, the colors that pop out while not being the main color and have a wall that compliments those undertones.

Generally, for light hardwood, we recommend keeping it light and neutral. Try an off-white. Pure white might be too clerical, but if you get an off-white with an undertone that matches your floor, your room will look clean and classy.

If you want a more neutral look, grey might be a better choice. While grey is often seen as a boring color, its undertones can give the color a lot of personalities. A lighter grey with a little hint of yellow, for example, can bring an element of playfulness to the room while maintaining a bit of elegance.


When thinking of color combinations, you have two options: match or contrast. The decision between the two boils down to the balance between light and dark. You want to avoid a room that is too dark at all costs, but a room too light can be a bit heavy on the eyes.

Cherrywood is a beautiful dark choice for a floor, and a contrasting wall can make a room look stunning.

Cherrywood is an excellent floor if you want color. Blue or green are wonderful choices to contrast the cherrywood floor. Although you may find a pure white to be the best option if you really want contrast and balance.

Perhaps contrast isn’t what you need, especially if your room already has a lot of lighting. In that case, go ahead and match the cherrywood. A sauntry red can tie a room together.

Dark hardwood floors

Dark floors can look beautiful but you have to be aware of balance. Does the room have a lot of sunlight? If not, it might be worth considering adding overhead lights, otherwise, your room will be at risk of looking too dark!

Walls can also mitigate that risk, and a wall with cool colors can make your floor look even more stunning.

As always, white is rarely a bad choice, and a cool white brings a certain boldness to your room.


Oak is both beautiful and versatile. It’s like a pair of jeans, most shirts are going to match. For this one, the best color depends on the undertone. Are you sensing cooler colors like grey or taupe? If you want a room that doesn’t make too strong a statement, then find colors that match the cooler undertones. Same works for dark, if the undertones are dark, then darker colors like cream or peach.

No matter what your hardwood stain is, the right wall color depends on two things, undertone and balance. When you know whether your floors have cool or warm undertones, and how much light is in the room, so you can make sure there is always just enough, then the right paint will come to you.
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