Screened In porch Ideas

A screened in porch is a great way to enjoy being outside without worrying about rain or bugs. There are many different styling options when it comes to your screened in porch. Take time to research and plan your design. The style options for your porch are endless, you just need to find one that fits you and your home.

Here are some screened in porch options. 

  1. Costal. Get that nautical feel with coastal style. You don’t need to live near the beach for this. Use nautical decor pieces to bring this style alive. 
  2. Privacy. If you’re looking to hide from your neighbors, consider getting curtains or shades for your porch. This will give you more privacy. 
  3. Add a projector screen. If you add a projector you can have family movie nights on your porch. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  4. Fireplace. Add a fireplace to help warm up and add coziness to your porch game. This allows you to be on your porch in the cold weather too. 
  5. Florals. Nothing says fresh outside decoration like adding florals! It will lighten up your space and add a spring feel to it. 
  6. Rock the Rattan. Choose rattan furniture for your indoor porch. It doesn’t fare well outside so be sure to keep it indoors. It can be fun playing with the colors of the cushions.
  7. Add a skylight. Keep your screened in porch light with a skylight. It will help brighten up the space but may get too hot. It’s helpful to have a fan to help keep the temperature balanced. 
  8. Bring in a lot of seating options. You will probably be hosting a lot of family and friends on your porch and they will need a place to sit. Having different seating options makes it guest friendly. You can even add a porch swing. A couch with some throw pillows and blankets creates a comforting seating option to sit or lay down. 
  9. Add plants! There are many plants that thrive in screened porches. Be sure to do your research on what will flourish. It adds a nice natural touch to your area. 
  10. Add a ceiling fan. The fan will help with air circulation and keep it cool during the hot months. 
  11. Get a rug. Rugs can make your porch feel more homey and add a flair to your space. You can even get pillows that match your rug. 
  12. Use outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is made to stand the elements of outside. This will be helpful in case there is a big storm outside. 

Like any room in your house, planning your porch takes time. Be sure to consider the color scheme and vibe you want for the room before buying furniture. Now that the weather is warmer, it will be nice to sit outside and enjoy the weather. A screened in porch is a perfect place to curl up with a book and just relax. 

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