Preventing Bugs in Your House

Preventing Bugs in the House

Summer is an amazing time to get out and enjoy the weather and be in nature, but there’s one part of nature that no one enjoys, bugs! No one wants bugs in their home. They are unsanitary to have and can easily get out of hand if not taken care of properly. So how can you prevent them from coming in?

Here are 10 tips to prevent bugs and insects from coming into your home:

  1. Have peppermint and lavender essential oil on hand. Bugs are repelled by these oils. It’s a great way to naturally repel bugs and keep your home smelling fresh. You can put a few drops near the window and front door to deter any bugs from entering. 
  2. Check the seals on the exterior of your home. Make sure all cracks get filled in with caulk or filler. Insects can come in through these cracks. Also check near the pipes coming into your house. These can be commonly missed places with a lot of cracks. 
  3. Clean up spills and food immediately. Bugs are attracted to food, especially sugar. Even leaving dishes in the sink overnight can attract bugs. 
  4. Vacuum regularly. This makes sure little crumbs are picked up. If you do have bugs in your house, the vacuum will pick up the eggs the bugs lay so they won’t hatch. 
  5. Check pets for fleas. If your pet has fleas, they can easily multiply in your house. Keeping your pet on flea medication is a great way to prevent them from picking up fleas. 
  6. Take out the garbage often. Leftover food in the garbage can attract bugs. Also be sure to store your garbage so that it is closed and sealed. Be sure to clean out your garbage can twice a month to get rid of any lingering food odors.
  7. Keep a clean home. Clutter can be a big breeding ground for bugs so be sure to clean up and not leave things lying around. 
  8. Use window screens. This allows you to get a fresh breeze while preventing bugs from flying into your home. Be sure to check every so often to make sure there are no holes in the screen. If there are holes, patch them up with tape.
  9. Store food properly. Be sure to put food in air tight containers so no bugs or insects can get in. This eliminates the scent of the food so the bugs won’t smell it and be attracted to enter your home. 
  10. Wear bug spray when going outside. This repels bugs from attaching to you and prevents them from being brought into the home. If you have sensitive skin, try using the essential oils mentioned above for an all natural bug spray. 

With these tips you will be able to relax in your home knowing no bugs will be able to get in. Nothing can ruin a nice summer evening more than a bug infestation. With these tips you’ll be on the right track to avoid that. 

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