New Traditional Design

The new traditional interior design style resembles a timeless look for modern homes. It holds on to this classic look while also juxtaposing some newer elements of design. New Traditional Design balances the lived-in feel with luxury. This design style is so popular because there’s an air of nostalgia with the traditional looks, mixed with modernism that keeps it fresh and inviting. 

New traditional colors tend to be lighter colors, while old traditional relies mostly on dark colors. The lighter colors really brightens up the room, adding a more exciting flair to this look then old traditional color schemes. So how can you accomplish this look?

Here are 8 tips to achieve new traditional interior design:

  1. Choose straight, clean lines in your furniture. This sets the tone for the whole room. There’s an art to mixing certain styles together to achieve this look. Too many out there pieces will create an overwhelming look. 
  2. Layer different textures and fabrics. This is a great way to juxtapose new and older furniture. 
  3. Reduce Clutter. This timeless look can be viewed similarly to minimalism, in that less is more. 
  4. Keep windows simple. Stay away from heavy curtains which will draw focus away from the heart of the room. 
  5. Go big with artwork. Consider choosing multiple pieces of artwork to showcase or one huge piece that will act as a main focal point of the room and add excitement. 
  6. Create balance. The key to this look is to make sure everything flows well together. Are there more contemporary pieces? Be sure to create an even balance to newer and older assets of the room. 
  7. Follow a cohesive color scheme. New tradition has a lighter color palette with added pops of color. Since there are different types of styles being used here it is important to plan out your rooms before decorating. Ask yourself whether several items will go together and compliment each other or not. It can take some time to really map everything out before implementing it. 
  8. Follow symmetry. Placing matching bookshelves, lamps, or throw pillows on opposite sides of the room is an easy way to achieve symmetry in your space. It makes the room look balanced which is pleasing to the eyes. 

A major pro of classic design styles such as new traditional means that the look will stay relevant longer. Traditional pieces don’t fade out of fashion easily. Rather, they add a look of glamor and elegance to your home. New design trends can be fun to emulate, but they can often fade out of style easier. This also carries over into fashion. There will always be a new, hot, trend in society. If you are constantly trying to stay relevant and buy these ‘in’ pieces, you will end up needing to constantly get rid of clothes or furniture that are out of style. This is why it’s important to buy items that will stand the test of time. 

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