Industrial Design

If you are looking for a masculine, angular design style look no further. Industrial interior design may be just right for you. This style became popular in the 90’s and is making a comeback. It combines modernity with a rustic look. 

Here are 10 tips for achieving an industrial design style. 

  1. Use natural materials like wood, steel, copper, and stone. This really adds to the rustic look of this design style. 
  2. Bring in warmth with wood. This look can be very masculine and the added wood adds a nice touch of warmth to it. Without it, the look comes across too cold. 
  3. Find old/antique items to be reused. Recycling old items is encouraged here! It’s an added bonus that this recycling is great for the environment. 
  4. Use a neutral color palette. Grays, beige, black, white, and brown are all common in the industrial interior design. Some bold colors are also used as an accent, but sparingly.
  5. Have an open space. This is an important part of this design type. Remember, industrial design is not a cluttered or eclectic look, but rather more simplistic. An open floor plan helps add to the simplistic look by not being too overcrowded.
  6. Get concrete or hardwood floors. Like tip 1, natural materials are used for the floor. A hardwood floor brings in an earthy side to your home and this look. Make sure to pick out your floor type before getting furniture and other items to make sure all of the colors blend well together. Your floor really sets the foundation for your look. 
  7. Display black and white photographs or other types of vintage pictures. This will give your home that old timey, rustic feel. Feel free to add your own photographs for a personal touch. 
  8. Use hard lines and an angular look. This adds to the masculine feel of this design. The harsh lines also help to make a bold statement. 
  9. Choose furnishings with simple designs and a solid structure. This adds a relaxed vibe to the room. 
  10. Show your high beams and pipes. Don’t hide them! It’s normal and even encouraged in this design type to show parts of the construction and plumbing that usually gets hidden. 

Industrial design is a bold interior style option. If you’re thinking of doing this style, make sure to fully commit to it! It has a masculine, edgy, and minimalistic feel to it. It’s not as hard to achieve as other design types since it is more simplistic. 
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