Got a bad back? It could be your flooring

Got a bad back? It could be your flooring

New floors can make a huge difference in a home-making the choice, as we’ve mentioned before, can be difficult. You know what look you want, though, and you make the choice, happy with your decision. A month goes by and your bad knee/back is really aching, and you’ve no idea why, until you realize your feet have been hurting along with all of your other aches and pains for precisely the same amount of time you’ve had new floors. Here’s you’re A-HA moment; your floors are killing your body.

OK, maybe not ‘killing’, but you’re not comfortable. Should you sacrifice design for comfort? Not always. There are plenty of flooring options out there that will help your body pain and still look stylish.

First off, forget about polished concrete floors, ceramic, porcelain or stone flooring if you have joint, back, or knee pain. These options are too hard on the body and after standing or walking on it for a long period will cause quite a bit of discomfort. Cork, however, is soft, resilient, and sustainable. It’s available in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and comes in both tile and plank. Although it can get scratched and dented, you can regularly apply a protective layer of wax or polyurethane to protect it, and felt pads on the feet of your furniture to deter extensive denting.

Linoleum is also soft underfoot and more durable than Cork. Linoleum is an all-natural option made from renewable materials such as linseed oil, pine rosin, and powdered cork. Not unlike cork, by applying wax or polyurethane, you can extend the life of your floors.

Don’t be deterred by Vinyl; it’s not your grandmother’s or even your mother’s vinyl anymore. The sheet and tile formats come in an endless array of options. Being budget-friendly you can have fun with your choices. It’s not as durable as Cork or Linoleum, so it may have a shorter life span.

Similar to Vinyl is Laminate flooring.  Laminate is also budget friendly, and, due to its soft nature, has a short life span. One advantage laminate has over hardwood, however, is that it is moisture resistant. If you are looking for kitchen, bathroom, or basement options, Laminate may be your best bet.

If you prefer a classic, traditional look, go with wood flooring throughout your house, extending into the kitchen as well. The look and feel is warmer than other flooring; however, it does scratch and ding easily. If you appreciate the look of aged wood, this may not be a deterrent for you. A good choice may be Bamboo (which technically isn’t wood-it’s grass); go with a moso bamboo known as the hardest and most durable choice.

Share your concerns with one of our designers, and we will help you choose the best looking flooring for the look you’re going for that will be just as friendly on your body as it is on your wallet.
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