9 Garden Trends for 2023

It’s been a long cold winter. Do you know what would help get you prepared for spring and out of the winter blues? Planting a garden!

There are many benefits to having a garden at home! It’s great physical activity, helps you get Vitamin D, helps your mental health, and helps with stress management. Are you planning on starting to garden soon? 

Here are 9 garden trends for 2023 you won’t want to miss.

  1. Native plants to your area. Be sure to stick with plants that work with your area. You wouldn’t want to plant a cactus in New York. 
  2. Create a vibrant and fun garden. This year bright colors are in!
  3. Try vertical gardening. Vertical gardens are great for those who don’t have space for your typical horizontal garden. It also creates privacy between you and your neighbors!
  4. Plant bee friendly flowers. Flowers like daisies, lavender, lilacs, and honeysuckle all attract bees! Since bees are becoming endangered, it’s important to cultivate a garden that attracts them. 
  5. Incorporate technology into gardening. There are many different apps and technologies that can help your garden thrive. Apps can be used to identify plants, understand what the plant needs to thrive, remind you to water your plants, and how to design your garden. There are even sprinklers that automatically water your plants. This is useful in big gardens and for busy people. 
  6. Eye catching centerpieces. Centerpieces in the garden usually come in pairs on either side of the sidewalk or driveway. It adds a nice balanced look for your garden. Centerpieces are a great way to draw attention to your garden. You have worked hard on it, it deserves to be looked at and admired. 
  7. Furniture in your garden. This encourages you to sit and relax in your beautiful garden. The goal is to get you and your family outside to enjoy the fresh air. Just be sure your furniture is made to be outdoors!
  8. Use sustainable garden products. Opt for greener alternatives for your garden such as composting or making your own mulch from leaves. If you have your own compost, this is an easier option compared to buying mulch. 
  9.  Add stepping stones. This encourages your family and guests to easily walk around your garden and outdoor area. Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain outdoors. 

Planting and attending your garden should be fun! Take some time to plan out the color schemes and overall look you are going for. Do you want a timeless, sophisticated look? If yes, opt for a more simplistic color scheme such as green and white. Or do you prefer a more wild, eclectic look? Then bright wildflowers would be appropriate here. It’s important to think about this before starting your garden so everything will be in sync together.