12 Ways to Style your Front Porch

If you are working on your backyard this summer, don’t forget your front yard! This is the first glimpse people see of your home and you want to be sure it's one to turn heads. A lot of people neglect their front yards and only focus on their inside or backyards. They are making a terrible mistake. The front yard is the first thing they see when they come to your home and you want to make a good first impression. 

Here are 12  ways to style your front yard. 

  1. Plant a garden. A small front garden with flowers helps to brighten up the space. If you plant flowers like lavender it will give your garden and front porch a nice aroma. 
  2. Use symmetry. Make sure your garden and decor is symmetrical. This will make it more aesthetically pleasing. 
  3. Use seating and porch swings. This allows you to sit and enjoy your garden, watch birds, and check out what’s going on in the neighborhood. Be sure to place seating in the shade. 
  4. Match your garden style to your house. If you have a more traditional style home you’d want to carry that trend over into your garden/front porch.
  5. Use decorative stakes. They have different decorations for every holiday. There’s so many different types and styles you’ll be sure to find the right one for you. They are also very easy to use, you just stick them in the grass and pull them out. 
  6. Add a bird feeder. This will bring more wildlife into your yard and create a calming activity for you and your family. Just beware of squirrels!
  7. Add a water feature. Whether it's a fountain or a pond, water helps to add to a serene outdoor  environment. 
  8. Provide walkways. Stepping stones make great walkways. They allow guests to walk around your garden and invite people to see and smell your flowers. 
  9. Keep up with lawn maintenance. Make sure you mow your lawn and trim bushes. 
  10. Grow vegetables and herbs in small containers. Everyone loves fresh vegetables and they can be easily accessible in your lawn. 
  11. Use lighting. You can have the most well put together lawn but if there are no lights you can’t enjoy it at night. Be sure the area is well lit with lamps or fairy lights. Option to add shades to your windows. 
  12. Create privacy. Use a fence or high hedges to create privacy. This can go around your whole property. 

The front lawn options are endless. Be sure to plan out the aesthetic you are looking for. You don’t want it mismatching from your home or backyard. Make sure their styles match and have fun with it! Designing your front yard can be a fun DIY project to take on during the summer months.