10 Tips to Achieve a Timeless Home

If you are looking to cultivate a classic, timeless look in your home, check out these tips. Creating a classic look not only looks amazing, but will save you money in the long term. Since the look doesn’t go out of style there’s no need to update your furniture or space. 

Here’s 10 tips on achieving a timeless look.

  1. Choose a warm white paint. This will never go out of style and can easily compliment any room or decor. If you have hardwood floors or a lot of wood in general, choose a white with yellow undertones. It compliments the wood well. You can also choose a more classic white look with no colorful undertones. Either way, white is your best bet. 
  2. Light up the room with wall sconces. Wall sconces are a timeless lighting option for your home. You can never go wrong with them. They can help to highlight certain areas of your home. They also have plug in ones for an easier DIY option.
  3. Use black and white patterns. This timeless look is frequently seen in tile designs. It will stand the test of time no matter how you use it. This is for your if you want to do something bold but also timeless.
  4. Hardwood floors. Choosing hardwood floors is a safe bet for your household long term. This flooring type isn’t going anywhere. If you want floors that will last long, choose a medium tone neutral wood with no colored undertones. 
  5. Built-ins. Need more storage in your home but also want to look chic? Get built ins. It’s traditional and timeless. It’s modern and will always be in style. You can get custom built-ins or build your own by buying bookshelves at Ikea. They look great in family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. You’ll never regret adding a built in to your home. 
  6. Subway tile. This tile is a timeless tile option for your home. You can lay them brick style or choose horizontal or vertical. They are also super affordable and won’t break the bank. With subway tile, you can choose any color your heart or home desires. 
  7. White marble. Nothing says a timeless look like white marble. What’s great about white marble is that it can easily work with any type of look or style you choose. The con is that it is expensive and can stain easily. Some other similar choices that mimic the look are porcelain and quartz. 
  8. Polished nickel. If you are wondering what you should choose for appliances, opt for a polished nickel. It works well with other metals and will absolutelly add that timeless look to your home. When using with other metals, be sure the other metals are matte. It’s a safe option that works well in any type of home, whether you are more modern or traditional. 
  9. When going big, go neutral. If you are wondering what to buy when making big purchase like a couch or bed, go neutral! Not only will it look classic, but you can easily change up the look with different pillows. Choosing a colorful or trendy option can be fun, but they will go out of style easily. If you want your look to be timeless, neutral is always the safest option. 
  10. Use playful patterns. With all the neutrals in your home you will need something to add life and character to it. Unsure of how to spice it up? Choose a striped pattern. Whether it's on pillows, rugs, or drapes, a striped pattern will look classic. 

Achieving the right timeless look seems effortless. Don’t be fooled, there’s always some planning that goes into each look. With these ten tips your classic home can become a reality instead of a dream. Just remember to upkeep your space and keep it tidy and clean. Nothing ruins a chic home more than clutter. In the meantime, enjoy your new sophisticated space. Your friends and family will surely be impressed. 

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