Designing Your Laundry Room

Planning out your laundry room may seem simple, but there's more thought that goes into it than you may think. For example, choosing the right flooring that can withstand leaks and floods is imperative. If you are looking to get creative and save space you can try converting an old shed into a laundry room! No matter which tips you choose, you want it to be a cohesive, organized place.

Here are 11 tips for designing your laundry room.

  1. Opt for a smart washer if possible. This will save on your water bill and help cut down the amount of time you spend doing laundry. Some also have the option to link to your phone. 
  2. Be sure to choose the right flooring. Carpet is a no go because the water can cause mold. Hardwood or laminate also isn’t a good option because it cannot withstand floors or leaks. You’d have to rip out the entire floor if there was a leak. A better choice would be to choose tile. It is durable and low maintenance. Vinyl is ok but water can still seep into the subfloor. Therefore, vinyl sheets would be the best option. It's also a great idea to put in area rugs that can be easily washed to have some comfort for your feet. 
  3. Many people may want open shelving in their laundry room, but this isn’t ideal. It can get messy and disorganized easily. Instead, use cabinets or containers. 
  4. Choose fun wallpaper! The bright, fun wallpaper will make doing laundry and being in your laundry room more fun. It will add that pop of color you need in your life to brighten up your mood. 
  5. Add an island for folding. This helps create a designated space for folding laundry. If you get sidetracked doing something else, your clean laundry won’t be in the way. 
  6. Put a sink in your laundry room for hand washing. Most people opt for a deeper sink. 
  7. Choose white to make your space seem larger. An all white room creates more visual space. 
  8. Save space by stacking your washer and dryer on top of each other.
  9. Add a dryer rack above the sink. This will allow the water to drain into the sink and not the floors. 
  10. Add an iron and ironing board for any clothes that need some extra care. 
  11. Turn an old shed into a laundry room. If you're unsure what to do with an old shed, why not turn it into a laundry room? It will save you space in your house. 

Overall, you want your laundry room to be a nicely organized space that makes you feel happy to be there while doing chores. Having an overall design scheme before you redecorate will help your planning process. Be sure to gauge how big your laundry room is to realistically gauge what changes you can bring to your laundry room.