Accent Walls

Are you thinking of creating an accent wall? They can be a great focal point of a room. Unsure of how to do them?

Here are 10 tips on how to implement an accent wall.

  1. Be intentional with the focal point in the room. Why do you want an accent wall? Asking this question will help with planning.
  2. Use a square or rectangular wall. Don’t use an accent wall with a lot of windows or cutouts. 
  3. Pick a color that’s already in the space. Don’t choose the color last. Pull colors from artwork, accessories, or area rugs.
  4. Plan the space well. If you’re hanging up pictures or mirrors you can cut out construction paper to match the exact shape. From there you can use these cut outs to plan how you want to arrange the accent wall before hanging things up. 
  5. Choose the right wall and room. Accent walls look great in living rooms and bedrooms. There are clear focal points here like a fireplace or bed. Don’t do an accent wall in the bathroom or kitchen. The bathroom is too small of a space for an accent wall and will make the space look even smaller. Kitchens have too much going on to pull off an accent wall. 
  6. Use texture. Texture adds some much needed flair and intensity to your accent wall. Don’t shy away from textured frames or wallpaper. It can really make the accent wall stand out. 
  7. Choose colorful wallpaper. Sometimes an accent wall highlights colors in a room where the other walls are more neutral. This is why using patterned or colorful wallpaper will come into use. It will help your accent wall really pop!
  8. Symmetry. If you think something is off with your accent wall, it could be that the symmetry is off. An odd window or irregular shape can really throw off the wall if they aren’t in balance. This is why planning out your wall is important. 
  9. Paint a Mural. If you are looking for something eye-catching and original, a mural is your answer. These unique pieces of art add a personal touch to your accent wall. For example, you could paint a zoo scene in a kids bedroom!
  10. Consider hiring a professional painter. Your accent wall will be drawing in a lot of attention so you want it down just right. Any imperfections will be highlighted so it’s worth it to invest in a professional painter. 

These tips will help you accomplish the accent wall of your dreams. Just remember to take the time to plan out what you want and what aesthetic you are aiming for. Accent walls are very exciting when done the right way, so be sure to use these tips.