Why do I need dustless sanding?

Why do I need dustless sanding?

Dustless sanding is a popular option for homeowners looking to improve the appearance of their hardwood floors. Dustless sanding and regular sanding are very similar but dustless sanding preserves the indoor air quality! It is also much more efficient than regular floor sanding processes.

Dustless sanding creates much less dust than standard floor sanding. It isn’t completely dust-free, but a proper dust control system will take care of a majority of the dust created during the sanding process. Overall, dustless sanding will create 99% less dust than the average standard sanding process. The dust is captured and contained in a way that makes it very easy to clean up.

How Does It Work?

While dustless sanding isn’t completely dust-free, it does take care of most of the dust created. Equipment varies, but generally a specialized machine attached to the sander will have a vacuum suction tube that will take the dust straight into a dust containment system, rather than releasing it into the air.

Advantages of Dustless Sanding

Dustless sanding is an excellent choice for people with asthma, respiratory difficulties, or dust allergies. It is a great choice if the sanding is being done in a home with sensitive populations like infants and children or pets, or when sanding must be done in a hospital, nursing home, daycare, or school.

An additional advantage of dustless sanding is that it prevents issues with the finish of the hardwood floor. Many issues can be caused with the finish of the hardwoods if the dust created by sanding isn’t properly removed before installation continues.

Dustless sanding is also much quicker than regular sanding because clean-up is taken care of for you! There is no need for extensive cleaning or hiring a clean-up service to finish the job for you!

The one choice to make with dustless sanding is whether you will be doing this yourself or hiring a company to do it for you. Both are viable options and depend on your budget and level of comfort with do it yourself home renovation projects!

Recommended Products to Do It Yourself

Oneida Dust Deputy

This product is a popular option that can be hooked up to a vacuum cleaner. The dust deputy will capture up to 99% of the dust created by your sander. This product is very efficient and well-reviewed by individuals refinishing their hardwood flooring.

Lagler Trio

This product is a very high end option which does not require a separate vacuum. The Lagler Trio has integrated dust control and functions as an all-in-one product.

Bona Sanding Machines

This product is one you may encounter if you hire a professional company to sand your floors. These machines give you professional, high quality sanding while also containing all of the dust that may otherwise enter your room.

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