Unnecessary Furniture you don't Need

Sometimes interior design can feel overwhelming! There are so many options to choose from. If you are unsure of which furniture options to invest in, be sure to know what is unnecessary for your home. Some things are more necessary for your home than others. 

Here are 10 items that are unnecessary in your home. 

  1. End tables. Every seat doesn’t need an end table. They can be a nice addition to your space but aren’t required for your family rooms.
  2. Night stands. Not every room is big enough for a night stand. Reconsider other options like a hanging shelf that takes up less room but still serves the purpose of providing a necessary space for your items. 
  3. Huge built-ins. These can look really nice when done well but aren’t functional for most people. They can showcase interesting trinkets you’ve acquired. If you don’t have interesting things to showcase it probably isn’t the best option for you home. Showcasing your typical items doesn’t add value to the space. It’s best to store those in closed containers. 
  4. Towel ladder. These are not the most efficient way to store towels. They can be okay if you like them but definitely aren’t necessary.
  5. Footstools or ottomans. Some people think they need a ton of ottomans for when they have company over. Having too many ottoman’s looks odd and cluttered though, so be mindful of how many would look good in your space. 
  6. Bar cart. Do you really need to display your alcohol? There are other ways to store alcohol and glassware. 
  7. Seasonal decor. Switching up your decor every season or holiday is time consuming. If you love to do it, go for it! It’s just not a must in interior design. There’s no pressure to decorate according to the season. 
  8. Excess lighting. Lighting is great for your space but having too many lighting options can easily clutter up your space. 
  9. Home office/ home desk. Home offices and desks are nice if you work from home but aren’t necessary. If you don’t have enough room for an office or desk don’t worry. You can always work on your kitchen or dining table. More people are going into work now and don’t need them anyways.
  10. Big bookcases. Not everyone has room for a big bookcase. Ask yourself if you really need to showcase all of your books and opt for a smaller option. If you own a kindle then there really isn't a need for a bookcase at all.

If you have any of these points, no sweat! They can definitely work for your home. If you are looking for more of a minimalistic approach to interior design, stick to the basics. It’s nice to have some decorations but you don’t want them to be overdone. If you are looking to change up your home decor, remember to plan it out. Good design takes time and effort to plan. Happy decorating.