A mixture of traditional and contemporary design, transitional style is a sophisticated take on a classic look. This look is based on a neutral color palette. The aim for this style is to help you feel relaxed and calm. The neutral colors do just that. Transitional style emerged shortly after modern design in the 1950’s. So how can you accomplish this elegant look? 

Here are 8 tips to pull off a transitional style in your home. 

  1. Stick to a neutral color palette. Use tans, vanillas, gray, and dark browns. These neutral colors add a calm and clean aesthetic to your home. This neutral color palette is the backbone to the transitional style.
  2. Keep decorations to a minimum. The main focus should be drawn to the furniture and not your decorations. This is a more minimalistic style. If you do choose to use decorations, keep it simple to avoid overcrowding. The goal here is to invoke serenity. Plants are a great way to decorate and keep the calm aesthetic in transitional style.
  3. Texturize! Since this look has more calm colors, the texture allows some creative expression. Make sure your designs and pieces are cohesive with your room. For example, you could get patterned pillows but in the same color scheme as the rest of your room.
  4. Use modern lighting. Use overhead lighting like a chandelier or funky lighting fixtures.
  5. Utilize balance. In order to have a cohesive, calm space it’s important to create balance in your living area. There are some masculine elements, like modern chairs, that should be balanced with feminine elements, like engraved mirrors. Be sure that there are not too many masculine or feminine elements and that they balance each other out well. 
  6. Install mid century style floors. A great flooring option for transitional style is hardwood floors. The textured natural woods work well to create a natural looking space. 
  7. Comfort is key. When it comes to choosing seating options, aim for classy but comfortable. You want options that will look elegant while still remaining inviting. Furniture should be practical with simple upholstery. 
  8. Add window trims. Warm neutral colors are typical go to’s for window trims. It adds an antique look to your room with just a little design to look inviting without being too dramatic. Black is another color option for window trims.

If you are looking for an elegant, yet tranquil aesthetic, transitional style is right for you. It does take some planning to achieve. However, because it is a more minimalistic design, it is easier to achieve than some other styles such as bohemian. Your guests will be impressed with your polished house and may never want to leave. Be sure to keep it simple and include the basic elements that make up transitional style such as neutral colors, minimalistic decor, and an overall balanced look.