Choosing the right flooring goes beyond the overall décor of your home. If your floors are too dark for, say, the pillows on your couch, you can switch them out. Maybe the blue in your curtains are clashing with the particular hue of your wood floors. Those can be switched out too. But, when it comes to your cabinets, it’s not quite as easy. Making sure you choose the right cabinets that work best with the right countertop that compliment the exact color of flooring can be quite stressful. Here are some of our favorite color combos that will hopefully give you inspiration for your own update.

1. White cabinets/dark hardwood

    This is a classic combination of one of the most popular cabinet colors right now. You can either make the look classic with more traditional cabinets, or go modern with sleeker doors. Hardware can go from polished nickel, to bright gold, to bronzed; the combination is up to you! The end look is stunning and bold. Choose a different color wood for an island for a creative touch.

    2. Dark blue or navy blue/light hardwood

      This look has seemed to really take off as of late, evoking a relaxed sophistication. Gold has made a comeback, but not the gold of the 80’s-a more burnished gold that looks simply amazing paired with a marble countertop. We’ve seen periwinkle cabinets with gold handles as well and those are equally as gorgeous. Take a look at a few different design websites to choose the colors best suited for your kitchen.

      3. Distressed cabinets/antiqued hardwood

        There’s so much character in distressed wood, whether it be your cabinets, your furniture, or underfoot. The look can go either full on antique, or urban farmhouse (which is a HUGE trend right now), steampunk, or ultra-beach rustic (add some rattan to pull the look together). Countertops can be anything you’d like-there are no rules! Distressed cabinets also come in a variety of colors, if you want to bring more color into your kitchen, take a sample of the hardwood flooring to your cabinet maker, and see what styles work best.

        4. Dark cabinets/gray hardwood

        This is the most stunning look on our list, especially when paired with open, natural wood shelving. Marry the old with the new by laying an antique rug, and using old (or old-looking) stools. Again, gold hardware takes center stage here, but silver can work too. Add a few plants to bring in a new color and different perspective to your kitchen, and your design is complete!