String Lights

Everyone is begging to spend more time outside. If you’re spending more time on your patio or in your backyard, consider decorating with string lights! It’s a simple way to add a whimsical touch to your backyard. It’s also a cute way to light up your outdoor area. Need help decorating? Here are some tips. 

Buy string lights that are battery operated. If you do have an outdoor outlet you can get an extension cord to plug them in. Just be sure to gauge the distance and plan which option is better for you before buying. To get an understanding of how long your string lights need to be, try measuring with yarn or a cloth measuring tape. There are many different styles to choose from, so be sure you do your research to find the right style for you. Make sure to double check with the type you get to ensure they are able to be hung outside. 

If you don’t have a fence, string lights can act as boundaries for your backyard. You can also hang them near your pool to create a cozy atmosphere for a night time dip. String lights add a nice twinkle to your backyard but don’t do well as the sole source of light. When planning your backyard, be sure to get some other sources of light in addition to the string lights. The string lights are like the sprinkles on top of the cupcake, not the main cake. They are an added benefit. 

The great thing about string lights is that they can be rearranged! If there is a special occasion or party, feel free to spell out different words with the string lights. For example, you can spell out “Happy Birthday” for a birthday party or “Love” for an engagement party. The ideas are endless. 

String lights don’t just have to be hung on the ceiling. They can also make for fun centerpieces when you fill  vases with lights underneath flowers. You can also outline a swing or piece of furniture. They can also be wrapped around trees. Some string lights change colors to add an extra component of fun. 

Keep in mind some factors will affect where you place your lights. If you have small children or pets they may want to play with the lights. If you have cats, they especially like to play with string lights. Make sure you hang your string lights high enough so your cats or kids can’t reach them! The last thing you want is for your toddler to put a string light in their mouth. 

With string lights, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale by simply being in your backyard. Once the weather get’s cooler, feel free to bring your string lights inside. There are many possibilities to get creative with string lights. These are just a few ideas.