Solutions to Common Flooring Problems

You don’t have to live with flooring problems! It’s common to run into some flooring problems such as squeaky floors, scratches, and carpet stains. But most of these problems can be easily fixed. 

Fixing Squeaky Floors

The first part of fixing squeaky floors is determining the cause of the noise. An easy way to get rid of squeaks is to add a humidifier. Some squeaks in the floor are caused by dry air. Adding a humidifier helps to moisten the air and get rid of squeaks caused by dry air in the home. 

Powdered graphite and wood safe dry lubricants can also help to stop squeaks that are caused by joints. 

If you are able to look at the subfloor below try to see what may be causing the problem. If you see damage or gaps to the subfloor it may be necessary to get a professional to come in because some squeaks are caused by termite damage or water damage. 

Scratches on Wood Floors

The last thing you want on your wood floors are scratches. There are two types of scratches to fix on wood floors; deep scratches and surface scratches. To minimize the intensity of the scratches, be sure to keep your floors clean. 

To repair surface scratches you can use a magic eraser, wood stain, or finish restorers. Just be sure not to use the magic eraser too much as this can damage the wood. In order to repair deep scratches, experts advise using a wood stain and wood filler. Fill in the scratch with the wood filler and then sand it so it's even. After, use the stain pen to match the colors of your floors. If the entire floor is covered in scratches, the best option is to refinish the floor completely. The most cost effective way to do this is to rent a sander from your hardware store. 

Remove Stains from Carpet 

Say goodbye to stains in your carpet with these easy steps. First, cover the stain in baking soda and let soak for 5-10 minutes. Second, clean the stain with soap and water. Third, dry off this area with a towel. Fourth, vacuum over the stained area to ensure it’s all cleaned up. 

This method is exceptionally good at cleaning up stains and odors from pets. Be sure to clean the stains right away! If there are excess old stains on your carpet consider a deep cleaning for your carpet. You can also rent a carpet cleaning machine for a DIY deep clean. 

While there are many flooring problems out there, these are the most common ones. Be sure to reach out to Kruper Flooring if you have any other questions or concerns about your carpet, we’re here to help!