Minimalist interior design is a chic, classic style that will always be relevant. It creates a nice, calm atmosphere for your home. With minimalism, less is more. Minimalistic style has clean lines, simple design, monochromatic colors, and has an uncluttered look to it. It also has a lot of open space, big windows, and lots of light. 

This design style became popular after World War II. Frank Stella, Donald Judd, and Agnes Martin were known as pioneers for the minimalist movement. It started in the visual arts and then got introduced to design and architecture. It was popular in design around the 1980’s.

With every design type there are certain elements that represent the design. With minimalism it includes; simple lines, neutral colors, limited furniture, limited decorations, an uncluttered space, open floor plan, and natural light. 

The simplistic look to minimal design adds a comforting, clean, and calming feel for your home. Those with this design style like how uncluttered it looks. Whether you work from home or are cuddling on the couch watching netflix, you will love the vibe of minimalistic design. Just be sure to keep your place clean and tidy. 

Because this design style has a clean look, many people use organization tools to prevent it from being cluttered. So, investing in storage options is necessary with this design type. 

Being the opposite of maximalism, the colors are more neutral and muted. There aren’t bright colors or furniture in minimalism. There is more of a monochromatic feel, so be sure to choose your color palette before shopping for furniture. Minimalism is simple, but not boring. Add some plants to your home to add some brightness. 

The minimalist design can extend into your personal life. The idea is that we do not need so many extra belongings and things in our homes. The goal is to keep it simple. The idea is not to live with as little as possible but to get rid of what you don’t need. This has extended to personal style and some use a capsule wardrobe where they use the same basic pieces to create different styles. 

If you are looking for a tranquil interior design style, minimalism is right for you. It is relatively easier to accomplish over other design trends, but there is still some planning involved.