Lighting up your home or space is an essential part of home design. Choosing the right lighting ideas for your home from fixture placement, color, style, and material is extremely important in not only practicability but from a decorative perspective as well. Lighting can transform how a room looks and feels, sets the mood and ambiance, and provides warmth and functionality.

In 2023, home designs and decorators have predicted a change in the way people approach lighting; moving away from spotlights and more towards a soothing and aesthetically pleasing look. 

  • Using lighting as a focal point in a room: Trends are showing that people are seeking out more bold, unique, and unconventional pieces that challenge the norm and are in a sense a piece of art in themselves. Instead of a piece of art being the main focal point, lights are paving a new path in their own right.
  • Sculptural pieces: Designers predict that in 2023 people will begin to incorporate statement, sculptural lights into their spaces, adding an artistic aspect to the room. The natural world look will add a welcomed softness and fluidity to interior spaces.
  • Mood-Enhancing Lighting: Using layered lighting, like cozy table lamps, candles, and twinkling lights to establish welcome pools of light will continue to be a big draw this year. Ambient lighting helps set the mood of a space. It is a key part in planning a design scheme, where not only functionality but how the room makes you feel are priority. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and open-spaced kitchens are all great spaces to incorporate this.
  • Unique Materials: Ed O'Donnell, a popular home designer, said, 'arresting silhouettes and unusual materials will conspire to create increasingly imaginative lighting statement pieces that’ll create strong focal points in the home.' Industrial materials are very popular, from metal or concrete as well as natural materials like wicker and rattan. Each of these materials can really produce that wow factor in their own ways and give a space a whole new feel and dynamic.

Lighting really is a key factor when establishing a space or home. Setting the right ambiance and mood can completely change the direction or look a person is trying to achieve. Learning and studying how to properly set up a space without giving it too much or too little can be a challenge. Each aspect of a room has to be considered to get the desired end environment that will flow together in just the right way.