We are already two months into 2023 and spring-time is nearing. It may be time to take a look at your home and make some changes to its style as yours changes as well. Let’s get those creative juices flowing and spark some joy on your journey to home-design discovery. Bringing a new life to your space can benefit you in ways you didn’t realize. Here are the trends that are leaving us in 2023 and those that will be sticking around. 

1. Gray: Bye-bye gray. Shades of gray have held strong in recent years, but this year it’s on the way out. Warmer tones or moody hues are more the vibe of this year with ivory and camel taking the place of gray along with navy, green, and aubergine. 

2.  Natural woodgrain cabinetry: Wood always makes a statement. It’s bold, beautiful, and natural without needing to be overdone. Though it is a more expensive option versus particle board or veneer, it won’t give an off-dated, faux-wood-paneled decor vibe.

3. Mixing old and new: Supply chain issues of the recent years have caused people to look other places when it comes to home decor. Mixing old and new pieces is still a big thing in 2023 with more people hitting thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops than before. Finding a great vintage rug to match a new sofa to complete a space is magic.

4. Limewash and plaster: Both of these old-world materials are making a comeback thanks to recent social media trends. Trying it out in a small space like a bathroom or guest room and matching it with natural materials like marble or wood can really give your space a whole new look.

5. Nature-inspired wallpaper: When you think about wallpaper, you probably think of the 80’s and 90’s when that was all the rage. Wallpaper is now tipping the scales back on the trending side with nature themes. Giving your space a vacation-like vibe without hopping on a plane.

6. High-gloss finishes: Adding a few key pieces to your home with high-gloss finishes like cabinets or built-in bookshelves can really make the space pop and add some fun. 

2023 will shed a new light on home decor ideas of the past while incorporating them into modern trends. Have some fun with your space and let those ideas flow!