How to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Are you looking to make your home appear bigger? Look no further, here are some tips. These tips are easy to implement and have lasting results that will leave you feeling happy in your space. There’s a reason buyers are drawn to bigger looking spaces. 

  1. Remove interior doors. Doors make your space look and feel smaller. Removing them creates flow to make the space feel larger. This is why open concept homes have a larger feel to them even if they are smaller. You can also do this with closet doors and create an open closet. Or you can transform your closet into a reading nook. You could also swap the door out for a french door which allows more light to filter through. 
  2. Furniture on wheels. This helps you be able to easily move things out of the way. If you had a kitchen counter on wheels you could move it around to make the space look bigger.
  3. Hide furniture. Getting stools that tuck underneath counters or tables helps create more room in your space. You can do the same thing with dining chairs.
  4. Decorate low and high points in your space to draw the eye up and down. Have a rug or something on the lower part of your space. Choose plants or paintings to decorate the higher parts of your space. Neglecting the higher parts of your space will make your room look low and small. 
  5. Maximize natural light. Natural light makes a space look bigger so never block a window with furniture. 
  6. Choose light weight materials. Avoid leather or dark materials like black out curtains. This will make your space look smaller. You can use darker material as an accent to the lighter materials. 
  7. Opt for one paint color. Choosing one paint color for your entire home will make it look bigger. Having different colors in each room breaks up your space and as a result makes it look smaller. 
  8. Add mirrors. Mirrors give an illusion that there is more space in your home. 
  9. Choose light colors. Lighter colors will make your space look bigger while darker colors will make it look smaller. 

You really don’t need to buy the bigger acres for the appearance of a larger space. Feel free to use a combination of these tips to make your space look bigger! No one wants their home to look small or cramped. If you're guilty of using dark colors or materials, no worries! Work on slowly phasing those colors out of your home and your home will look bigger in no time.