How to Choose a Color Palette

Red, blue, orange, green, or purple? With color there are so many options to choose from! So where do you start and how do you choose a color palette for your home? That depends on many different factors like what style of design are you aiming for? What vibe do you want to create in your space? It can also be as simple as what colors do you like?

Different kinds of colors are appropriate for different design styles. For example minimalist design typically focuses on a neutral palette while maximalism uses deeper colors like emerald green. Certain colors also have an effect on our mood. Blues and greens are very calming while red is more energizing. Thinking about how you’d like to feel in your home and in each room can help you decide on your color palette. You could decide on a neutral color palette in every room or have a different color scheme in every room! The beauty of interior design is that you have the choice. 

Some designers recommend designing your space vertically going from darker to lighter. This means your floor would be the darkest, the medium colors for the walls and furniture, and lighter values for the ceilings. If you are confused on how to decorate with color this is a key motto to stick to. Designer Mark McCauley says this idea mimics real life where the ground is darker, what's in eye sight is medium, and what we look up to is the lightest. Can’t go wrong with nature. 

Another way to plan out your home is to start with the formal spaces first. Let’s say you want your living room area to be a royal, dark blue. You could then take some of that color scheme into other areas of your house like using lighter shades of blue for your family room or kitchen. There’s also no need to choose just one color. In this example you can also use shades of green that will compliment the blue. Color theory states that colors next to each other on the color wheel look well together, hence pairing blue with green. Opposite colors also pair well together for a nice contrast. 

Starting from scratch and planning the walls and carpet can be the hardest part. If you are still in doubt over which colors to choose from, stick to a neutral palette. Neutral rooms can easily be played up with colorful furniture. This is a great idea for the people who like to change up their space a lot but don’t want to do a complete change of their space. Why change the walls and carpet when you can get a new table cloth and pillows? Your bank account will thank you. 

Choosing a color palette can feel overwhelming. The beauty of having the internet is that you can see your dreams in action. Curious what purple walls would look like? Google it! It can be helpful to see visual examples of what you’d like to achieve in your own space. This can also save you the headache of painting your walls purple only to hate it. You can also use paint swatches to test out a color with no real commitments. If you do commit to a color you hate, turn the repainting into a home project. Throw on your favorite music and have a painting party. Mistakes aren’t the end of the world and painting it yourself can be a fun way to save money.