We all want to live in clean homes and part of that is getting your carpets professionally cleaned. Whether you are hosting a party or spending more time working from home, having clean carpets is a must. So how often should you get them cleaned? People tend to get their carpets professionally cleaned twice a year or every one to two years. This can change according on several factors. 

Here are 9 factors that affect how often you should clean your carpet. 

  1. Depends on how frequently you vacuum. If you vacuum regularly, your carpets will stay cleaner and won’t need the deep cleaning as often. If you vacuum your carpet 1-2x a week you can aim to get your carpets professionally cleaned in 1-2 year intervals. However, if you vacuum 1-2 times a month a deep cleaning would be needed twice a year. 
  2. How much traffic is in the house? This depends on how many people live at your home and how often you have friends and family over. 
  3. What is the weather? Places that get rainy or snowy weather will need more frequent cleaning. The mud and dirt dragged into your carpet can be trapped there until there is a professional cleaning. 
  4. Do you wear shoes in the house? If yes, it is likely you will need cleaning more often. Even if you’re not visibly seeing the dirt tracking into your house, it’s there. 
  5. What type of heat do you use? Some homes still use wood heat which causes smoke and suds. This causes the carpets to get very messy and will need more cleaning than other types. 
  6. Do you have allergies? If yes, you will need more regular cleaning to get rid of dust mites and other allergens. It is a great idea to get your carpet cleaned twice a year to get rid of allergens. 
  7. Do you have any pets? Homes with pets will also need more cleaning. Whether it's accidents, shedding, or tracking in dirt from outside, your furry friend is contributing to your dirty carpet. 
  8. Color of your carpet. Lighter carpets show dirt more easily and require more cleaning. While darker colors can hide dirt more easily, the dirt is still there, so it is up to you whether to clean it more regularly or not. 
  9. Warranty. The warranty on your carpet typically suggests you get it deep cleaned within 18 months of purchasing. Be sure to pay attention to what your warranty says and follow the directions accordingly. Some different types of carpets require different care which is why the warranty may vary on carpet types. 

If your carpet gets a lot of traffic, if you have a lot of kids, or pets we recommend getting your carpet deep cleaned every 6-12 months. If you have low traffic, every 1-2 years is fine. If you have any more questions or concerns we are here to answer them. Reach out today to get an estimate. A cleaner home is just a phone call away.