It takes time to choose the right stair option for your home. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a flooring option for your stairs. These include;

  • Budget. Some flooring options are more expensive than others. For example, hardwood floors are much more expensive than carpet. 
  • Maintenance. Some flooring types require more maintenance than others. For example, hardwood floors need more care than laminate. Although you may be paying for cheaper options from the start, you may be paying for it in maintenance and cleaning later on. Be mindful of this. 
  • Noise. Hard flooring types don’t absorb sound as well as carpet. If you are a lighter sleeper, you might want to consider a flooring option that is quieter than others. 
  • Slip resistance. If there are small children or elderly people in your house, you will want to pay attention to slip resistance for your stairs. Some hardwood floors can get slippery easily and you do not want any accidents from your flooring option.
  • Traffic level. Depending on how many people use your stairs and how frequently will determine what types of flooring you get. A lighter traffic area such as your basement will require different flooring than your living room. 
  • Style. The style of your house also impacts which flooring option you choose. A modern house will want a different flooring option than bohemian. For example, a modern home may choose a hardwood floor option, while a bohemian style may prefer carpet. 

With these in mind, here are different advantages and disadvantages for different flooring types for your stairs. 

Vinyl plank


-Durable: great for high traffic areas. 

-Versatile: comes in different styles

-Easy to clean: can be cleaned with a broom or vacuum 


-Noisier than carpet

-Difficult to remove due to it being glued down

Hardwood floors



Variety: Big selection of different stains and woods to find the right fit for your home

-Easy maintenance: can be sweeped or vacuumed. Will occasionally need wood floor cleaner


-pricey. Hardwood floors are expensive and cost 6-12$ per square foot. 

-noisey Doesn’t absorb sound like carpet. 




-quiet. Absorbs the sound well

-variety. Many different styles and colors 


Gets dirty easily. Traps dirt, dust, and pollen. 

Retains moisture and can get moldy.

Stains easily. With pets and children it does stain easily. 

High maintenance needs regular vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning. 

Each home has different needs and therefore there is a different flooring option that is best for every household. Pay attention to these pros and cons when choosing a flooring option for your staircase and figure out what is best for you.