Home decor trends. What are they, exactly? What are they for spring 2023? And do they stay the same each year or each season? Let’s dive in! 

Home decor trends are a forecast of styles and decorations by leading experts in various fields such as consumers, manufacturers, and journalists. A trend can be determined and inspired by past influences, fashion, events, environmental issues and economic factors. They are the ideas that bind the room together and give central character to the whole project. When it comes to home design, two major players are environmental issues and sustainability of products. As a society, we are concerned about our usage of plastic materials, our awareness of environmentally friendly products, the impact of climate change on our planet, and the availability of the resources used to source the products we are after. 

For spring 2023, high contrast, geometrics, curves, and lots of indigo are the predictions! The “less is more and more impactful” approach is all the rave. Leaning more towards minimalism can make your aesthetic really pop. Indigo is seen as moody in nature; rich, serene, and versatile in both indoor and outdoor spaces. High contrast in colors including deep black + fresh white, moody indigo + neutral gray, and sparkling metallics + natural wood are what top-designs are vibing for. Make sure to know the tone and style of your space though, that will help determine which options would work best. Geometric patterns are flying in and bypassing their usual throw pillow spot. They are trending in the more “flat things” department. Think wall art with bold colors, table decor, and area rugs. Groupings, successions, and variations of squares, circles, and other geometric shapes are making a splash. Curved design is also trending this spring. Experts predict a heavy influence from Scandinavia with circular-style accessories, like woven baskets and pops of sherpa color palettes.

Whatever style or trend you decide to follow - do your research! There are tons of ideas, articles, and blogs that can spark inspiration and let your creative juices flow!