Common Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Interior design is like any other skill, it takes time to develop. In developing your interior design skills comes mistakes and mishaps. These are common. Here are some common design mistakes and how to fix them. Don’t view these as a failure on your part but a learning experience. 

  1. Generic artwork and quotes. Having generic quotes hanging around your apartment like live, laugh, love is a common design mistake. It can be very tacky and doesn’t resonate with others. Instead, choose art that showcases your unique personality. It can be art you made yourself or bought from local artists. The goal is for it to help express your individuality. 
  2. Decorations or furniture are too small. This can make the space look empty.  You want a rug that makes the space look cohesive and furniture that fits the space. If your artwork is too small, people will be drawn to the negative space in the room. Bigger is always better. 
  3. Hanging your curtains wrong. Doing this can make your windows look weird. You want to create the illusion of high ceilings. Larger curtains give a very luxurious feel to your home. Curtains that are too short look awkward. 
  4. Having all of your belongings out on display. Talk about sensory overload! Your things on display should be curated for the style and color of your space. Extra items can be put away in closed shelving. Only put the essentials on countertops. 
  5. Making everything match. Yes, you want your home to have a cohesive look, but not everything has to match. This will make it too matchy matchy. Instead, opt for furniture and displays with similar colors in a different tone to compliment the colors. 
  6. Not having a plan. No matter what style you choose, it takes some time to plan out how you’d like your home to look. Deciding on what style you’d like and sticking to a certain color palette will help in your planning. 
  7. No focal point. Without a focal point your eyes have nowhere to rest and the place can feel disorganized. Your focal point doesn’t have to be loud and obvious. Your bed can be a focal point in your bedroom. The focal point is arguably the most important aspect of design, as it draws in the viewer.
  8. Bad lighting. In interior design, lighting is everything! You can have the best furniture and the fanciest style, but if there’s bad lighting that will ruin your entire aesthetic. Try to get as much natural light as possible. Be sure to have layered lights at different levels in your home. 
  9. Mismatched appliances. Something people forget about is their appliances! Be sure to have matching or similar styles of appliances in your kitchen. 
  10. Following hot trends instead of sticking with style. Trends will come and go in interior design, just like fashion. Some of the hot trends can be fun for a couple of years but quickly fade out. Keep this in mind when deciding which design style to choose. If you want pieces that will last a lifetime, opt for a timeless look.