Matte finish hardwood flooring is the latest trend in hardwood floor design. People are leaning towards more curated and authentic looks, which makes designers like Chip and Joanna Gaines superstars. The look of sophistication now means a design that is warm and closer to Nature.

In the most recent past, hardwood flooring that was glossy and shiny in appearance was the norm. But, do you know where that gloss comes from?  A hardwood floors’ gloss comes from the amount of light that is reflected off of them, usually measured by a 60-degree angle, which is the angle you would most likely view hardwood floors if you are standing.

Matte hardwood flooring does not have as much gloss, making the hardwood seem as authentically wooden as possible with just a small amount of shine. With authenticity being the trend, many homeowners are leaning towards the natural, raw wood feel of a matte finish with all the benefits of finished hardwoods.

An added benefit to the growing trend is how well matte floors hide scratches dirt, and other imperfections. Semi-gloss and high-gloss predictably show all too well the imperfections of the wood and that of wood from years of use. Yes, high-gloss certainly has its own following, and offers a home a certain wow factor, however, matte finished flooring still packs a punch with the natural beauty of pure wood showing through.

So, how do you know if the flooring your looking at in the show room is the right one for you? You can tell how shiny a hardwood floor finish will be based on its luster, measured in a percentage of 0-100%.

Here’s a great key to give you perspective on what constitutes as High Gloss all the way to Matte:

-High Gloss floors usually have a luster of 75% or higher and will appear very shiny.

-Semi-Gloss floors usually range from 55%-70% luster.

-Satin floors range from 30-50%

-Matte floors range from 1-20%

Still not sure if matte hardwood floors will work in your home? Consider your design. Do you lean towards an eclectic look with a mixed marriage of old and new? Do you have other natural elements in your home that could be a great compliment to the floors? Do you lean towards warm or earthy colors, perhaps even cool colors on your walls? These are all great elements to a well curated room that works best with matte hardwood floors.  If you’re looking to change all of your design, and start with your flooring as your base, there are hundreds of websites, magazines, and articles that could give you the perfect starting point in creating that natural abode you want in your home.

Come into our showroom and talk to one of our designers about what your overall vision is, or if you don’t have a vision, then what you hope to see in your home. We will create the perfect design for you!